Who We Are

We are a congregation of solid biblical convictions. God has done marvelous things for us and we want everyone to get in on his life in Jesus Christ through the person of the Holy Spirit. Worship of our good, true and beautiful God is our central purpose.


We are a downtown church and have a unique witness to the goodness of God amongst our neighbors, many of whom struggle with addictions and live transient lives.


We have teams trained in healing prayer. Our facilities are used weekly for various 12 step programs. Bible studies, Life groups in homes, Seminars covering various topics, an active Children and Youth ministry and various mission endeavors are all a part of the ministry to which God has called us.


FPC is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church







Our Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to see the world transformed to love, worship and serve Christ.


We do this through our Mission, which is to welcome all people, equip them for a deep and living faith in Jesus Christ, and send them into the world to share God’s love.




What do we believe?

FPC is a member of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, and together with all the congregations of the EPC teach the following essential truths of our faith – see a more in depth description here.


All Scripture is self-attesting and true. The Word of God in the Old and New Testaments is a complete and unified witness to God’s redemptive acts pointing to the incarnation of the Living Word, Jesus Christ. The Bible, uniquely and fully inspired by the Holy Spirit, is the supreme and final authority on all matters on which it speaks. On this foundation we uphold these additional Essentials of our faith: Click here.



Do you have more questions? Contact us! Call a pastor. We are here and available to speak with you. To set up an appointment, please call (907) 452-2406 or contact us here.